Crowdfunding for the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines


A great cup of espresso is probably one of the best ways to start off the day. There are times when this intense need cannot be satisfied because of the lack of an automatic espresso machine. The problem is that money could be an issue. It is during times like these that crowdfunding can offer the perfect solution.

The Crowdfunding Approach for Funding That Expresso Fetish Crowdfunding offers a great way of providing the funding so that cash strapped office can buy that much needed automatic espresso machine to make energy-boosting coffee. It allows other stakeholders to come to the party and to assist you in achieving your goal. Accumulate all of the specifications of the machine that is needed and get the show on the road.

The Best Platform Once you have put together the budget and know what you and the rest of the office needs, it is time to take the next step. Find the crowdfunding platform which best suits the project. In this case, it is to buy that elusive expresso maker There are quite several platforms to choose from One of the easiest ones to go for would probably Fundable. Or if you are on social media, it is even possible to look at Facebook to market your project.

What Kind of Funding to you Need?

There are several methods of approaching crowdfunding opportunities. It is essential that the option you choose is aligned with the type of project being funded. If you look at finding the funds for your espresso machine to make energy-boosting coffee, then it could be a choice between donation-based or reward based funding. Why donation-based or reward-based? When you want to go the donation-based route, it is essential to make sure that the people attracted to your project know exactly what it is for. It is really crucial to highlight the need for that cup of espresso at the start of the morning or at break time. Without that machine all of the staff are lethargic, and it impacts on productivity.

The rewards-based approach offers an excellent opportunity for meeting each of your funders in person. Why not lay down a pact that everyone who contributes becomes eligible to share one cup of espresso with you and the gang. People love getting something in return, and this might be a good way of making your project a worthwhile cause to get involved in

Selling Your Project Now you have decided on your approach and the type of donation, the time has come to become a salesperson and marketer Remember what people see is often what attracts. Make the automatic coffee expresso machine project page attractive. Use some enticing words and combine this with some great graphics. This is sure to attract investors to fund your project. Soon there should be enough in the coffers to go out and get that espresso machine to make energy boosting coffee.


When times are tough, and there is a need to find enough cash to buy that espresso machine everybody needs. It is actually more than a requirement. In fact, an energy booster. Crowdfunding is the solution to keep everyone happy and allow you to fund that much-needed project.