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Crowdsourcing involves bringing together people with a common goal. These people want to improve their efficiency, innovation, and price of a particular product or service, but they don’t have the expertise or funds to achieve that goal. We make that happen.

We are leveraging Web 2.0, social media, and other technologies to create the best crowdsourcing services in Spain. Our services are not limited to a particular industry. As long as you have an idea about any subject, we will be ready and willing to work with you.

Crowdsourcing has been a growing trend in the past two decades. The rise of the internet has made it possible for anybody to find extra ideas for their ideation process. Now, anybody can contribute to that process. If you have an idea and the time to build it, we will mobilize people to provide additional expertise..

Millions of people use the internet every day, and this can be your source of ideas. If you can provide solutions for any problem, especially problems facing people in Spain, we will help you with additional ideas. The process starts when you create an account with us.


Many people have heard of the many crowdsourcing initiatives in the United States. Unfortunately, the situation is very different in Spain, where the number of crowdsourcing campaigns is very small. We think that the reason behind this misfortune is a lack of general awareness. Very few people in Spain know that you can ask many people to join your ideation process. At the same time, people also don’t like taking risks.

We want to help Spaniards take part in our crowdsourcing operations. Those who join our operations will be glad about the extremely powerful services that we will offer them. Crowdsourcing in Spain can solve complex issues and streamline several processes. This is not a new idea in Spain. People have been sharing ideas for several centuries, but the rise of social media, the internet, and e-commerce has enhanced connectivity. Once you join our operations, you will learn how we break complex problems into tiny ones. Some people will then tackle one or two tasks. This enhances the process.

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