7 Benefits of Crowdsourcing for Small and Medium Enterprises

Written by Carlo

April 6, 2020

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) thrive by minimizing their expenses and maximizing profits. Regardless of their industries, they are always looking for ways to save more money. And this is why the crowdsourcing technique has become popular.

Crowdsourcing involves using a large number of people to seek information, produce goods, or offer services. It outsources the work to others who are not the organization’s employees.

The introduction of technology has further made crowdsourcing easier. Now, you can crowdsource online and reach people from different backgrounds irrespective of the kind of service you provide. Crowdsourcing is not limited in its use. It has a variety of application that cuts across various fields.

For instance, security agencies such as the police and FBI use it quite frequently to solve security problems. They are known to use crowd intelligence gathering to seek out information as part of their investigation.

SMEs have also found crowdsourcing very useful. They can use it to gain insight into what consumers are interested in by asking for their preferences. It can also tell the demographics and the profile of their consumers.

If you own a small or medium enterprise, you might want to learn about the benefits of crowdsourcing. Here are seven of them.

Reduces Cost

If you have never used crowdsourcing before, you might think it is expensive. The truth, however, is that it is way cheaper than traditional methods of employing people. With crowdsourcing, you can cut down on tax payments, huge employee benefits, and other costs that will arise from hiring permanent staff.

For instance, if you need graphic design work done, hiring a graphic designer in-house will cost you thousands. However, crowdsourcing offers you options of different designers from whom you can select based on their rates.

Saves Time

As a business owner, you can only hire as many people as your enterprise can afford. However, there are often instances when your employee’s strength might not be enough to get things done quickly enough. If you have a time-sensitive project, this kind of situation might become burdensome and end up unpalatable.

Crowdsourcing can be an easy solution, however. For instance, if you own a small business, and you need to carry out a market survey, you can crowdsource online by asking a vast pool of people to vote or fill out electronic forms. This way, you will be able to get faster results in a short time frame.

Offers Creativity

Are you having difficulty coming up with new ideas? You will be amazed at how crowdsourcing can help out. One of its significant benefits is that crowdsourcing links you up with professionals who will offer hundreds of ideas or different approaches to solving a problem.

However, if you think a large number of people could translate to low-quality ideas and solutions, that might be untrue. In reality, the competition created by crowdsourcing drives people to think outside the box and offer more creative solutions. You will find out that many successful organizations make use of crowdsourcing to brainstorm and come up with mind-blowing ideas.

Offers Diversity

Crowdsourcing exposes you to a vast range of people, which in turn gives you access to a broad network of skills, thoughts, knowledge, contents, talent, and expertise that your employees may not offer. When you crowdsource online, you will interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds whose unique perspectives can benefit your company.

More Collaborative

Since small and medium enterprises are breeding grounds for familiarity, many employers assume that their employees are united. However, the reality is that there may be workplace conflict among them. A more collaborative approach involves bringing together a group of people—crowdsourcing—devoid of bias ideas or emotional attachments. Their input may help you fish out valuable information that your in-house team may have overlooked.

Has Marketing Benefits

Many companies invite the public for contests, asking them to come up with suggestions for their services. Many more companies seek out people to test their products for intelligence gathering purposes. These methods do not only help them with great ideas, but they also create extensive media coverage for their products or services, which is a perfect marketing strategy.

When you crowdsource, you give a large group of people something to talk about, creating a marketing buzz for your company. Crowdsourcing, therefore, attracts the people who might be your target market, giving you a more extensive customer base.

Minimizes Management’s Burden

Crowdsourcing is quite appealing as it offers you a chance to give your work-related burden to others to sort out. It is a way of delegating duties to make work easier. Think “division of labor.” You share the work among other people to minimize the burden. That way, you can focus on the management aspect of the work.

In conclusion, the benefits of crowdsourcing far outweigh the benefits of hiring in-house staff only. It utilizes crowd intelligence and creativity, which can significantly reduce your organization’s expenses and speed up important work. Whereas permanent employees may have idle times, crowdsourced employees are only needed when there is a job to do. If you own a small or medium enterprise, you should leverage crowdsourcing to reduce your workload and get you closer to your target market. Irrespective of the nature of your service, crowdsourcing will help you thrive.



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