Crowdfunding in Spain doubles:19 million euros in 2013

Convulsive and confusing times are approaching for Crowdfunding in Spain. After the announcement of the preliminary bill that will regulate this market, the future is very uncertain. In fact, in the USA, after the approval of a law of similar limitations, collective financing seems to have suffered a break (especially if we talk about Crowdfunding equity or Crowdfunding), although there are no figures in this regard. But, until the new regulation is clear, the only thing we can do is celebrate the very good results of the sector in 2013. Let’s take out the fanfares, deploy the red carpets because the figures finally arrive. 19 million euros raised in Spain in 2013! This supposes to almost double the market with respect to 2012 thatamounted to 9.7 million euros . Indeed, these figures do not disappoint. The waiting was worth it.

Are there still as many platforms as there were last year?

Indeed, active platforms have actually grown . Of the total of 67 active platforms of collective financing in Spain and Latin America, Spain is the Spanish-speaking country with the largest number of platforms with 53, when last year we spoke of 49. In addition, the ones that have grown the most have been generalist platforms, even though the market is already saturated. So, if you are thinking of riding one of these, think about it very well before doing it.

What happens with each model?

The Crowdfunding model that most increases its volume in Spain compared to 2012 is that of donations that triple the number achieved the previous year, although it is true that it was the one with the lowest revenue. The participation model increases by 40% and the rewards model doubles its volume, the latter accounting for 46% of the total collection of Spain (we can not give figures broken down by each model to maintain statistical secrecy).

And in Latin America what?

In Latin America, the growth is much higher than in Spain and almost quadrupled the volume of business in 2012, reaching 16.6 million euros.

Colombia, Argentina and Mexico are the countries with the most Crowdfunding platforms and new players like Peru or Uruguay appear.

Undoubtedly, it is the region with the most potential worldwide.

What if we compare what happens in the world?

If we compare with the figures estimated for 2013, although we are still far from the estimated 5,100 million dollars for this year in the world, or the 1,785 in Europe, the growth of both Spain and Latin America is above the 81% estimated for this year. , which shows a growing interest in the Spanish-speaking countries as we have already commented.

We look forward to the world figures and congratulations to all the winners.

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