Crowdsourcing Cybersecurity; Why You Should Go for It

Written by Carlo

July 20, 2020

Crowdsourcing, otherwise called crowdfunding, is rapidly gaining momentum among many individuals, organizations, and agencies to provide various services. The crowdsourcing approach is about the acquisition of ideas and services from a broad range of people, mostly the online communities, instead of the conventional local employees or suppliers. And there are many outstanding results from the collaboration of a wide range of multiple professionals. An example of such outcomes is the manufacture of a machinery system that helps protect you from unfavorable environmental conditions.

Cybersecurity, on the other hand, is a basic necessity you should consider ensuring. In this digital age, we perform various activities online using digital devices, which necessitates the need for cybersecurity. Cybercrime is a robust economic growth inhibitor and a negative catalyst to general progress and development. Somewhere now, as you read this article, some malicious individual is developing malware to cause online havoc to careless users.

However, you can be on the defense side with the use of crowdsourcing. It would be best if you considered trusting crowdsourcing enough as a successful solution to protect your digital system, thereby ensuring maximum cybersecurity. Here are six other reasons you should consider the crowdsourcing approach for your cybersecurity.

Access to Diverse Inputs

A tree, they say, doesn’t make a forest. Crowdsourcing is a remarkable initiative that affords you access to diverse and multifaceted inputs from many professional experts in the world of cybersecurity. Engaging in crowdsourcing will enable you to use the best services to protect your digital engagements, unlike the usual passive inputs from local employees.

Scarcity of Human Resources

In this digital age, whether as a private individual, private and public organization, or government agency, you undoubtedly make use of the internet as a platform for carrying out many crucial activities. And there is a need for more cyber experts due to the staggering daily increase in cybercrimes and digital exploitations.

Unfortunately, there’s an impactful shortage of cyber experts and professionals in many organizations today. Importing cybergeeks or neglecting to protect your digital interactions won’t do any good. Likewise, insourcing doesn’t completely protect you from online manipulations, and neglection will only worsen your vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Crowdsourcing, therefore, is the only appropriate solution that will fill this gap of cybersecurity deficit. When you utilize the crowdsourcing approach, you’d have access to specialized skills from the top and experienced cyber professionals worldwide. You wouldn’t have to worry about the scarcity of professional cyber experts.

Boost Your Reputation

Especially as an organization, crowdsourcing will largely boost your reputation and credibility. A headline hitting digital breach or havoc can tarnish your organization’s hard-earned fame as customers wouldn’t want their data to get into the control of mischievous hackers.

Otherwise, they might become skeptical of your commitment to ensuring cybersecurity and thereby get discouraged about partnering further with you. Therefore, commencing a crowdfunding approach for your cybersecurity is a vital testimonial to your diligence, which will consecutively increase your patronage, and boost your credibility.

Increased Security for Your Cyber System

Crowdsourcing is an excellent tool for securing your digital transactions and testing the effectiveness of the security measures you deploy from time to time. You can engage with popular crowdsourcing verified platforms such as GoFund me, Patreon, Rockethub, and others. These platforms have many exceptional members, including extraordinarily cyber experts who can timely tackle any cyber problems you might face.

In this present climax of security risks that hackers can exploit, you can’t afford to be complacent. It would be best if you kept pace with the cybercriminals’ rising profiles who are desperate to wreak havoc in corporate networks and systems. Therefore, you should consider engaging the services of crowdsourcing platforms to keep a dutiful watch on your online security system to avoid any intrusion or unauthorized access. Doing so will highly assure you that come what may, there is top-notch security for your cyber dealings.

Cost Optimization

Crowdsourcing will help you conserve the available financial resources as you don’t have to keep employing cyber experts fully. You only have to pay your enlisted service providers when there is a rendition of useful services such as detection of bug or malware. Crowdsourcing is a no-service, no-pay approach which allows you to affordably and yet effectively ensure your cybersecurity.


Even though there are abundant advantages you’ll richly enjoy using the crowdsourcing technique; you’ve to be careful and thoroughly scrutinize any service you consider enlisting. Cybersecurity is a sensitive approach, and you should consider treating it as such.

Don’t just use any random services to avoid falling into the hands of faceless hackers with ulterior cynical motives. You can make use of verified crowdsourcing platforms to avoid exploitations. Crowdsourcing is still the best approach there is, for cybersecurity, and all man’s needs.



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