How Your Nutrition Clinic Can Benefit from Crowdsourcing

Written by Carlo

June 17, 2020

Outsourcing allows nutrition clinics to subcontract third parties to offer services instead of hiring in-house employees to do them.

When you outsource your nutrition services, you’re able to focus on other critical aspects of your business. It allows you to depend on external experts to offer high-quality nutritional care to your clients.

What’s more, the kitchen is responsible for the highest percentage of income loss. This is attributed to the following reasons:

  • Over catering

  • Food theft – food is a basic need for humans, hence usually undergoes massive theft.

  • Wastage – food wastage also occurs in the kitchen, causing loss of income. Mishandled perishable foods go bad and thus end up in waste. Over ordering food also leads to waste because the additions easily go bad.

Outsourcing nutrition to outside caterers optimizes productivity and limits food wastage. Private caterers are competitive and work for a profit. Hence they will be motivated to reduce wastage.

  • Expertise in portion control allows the outside caterer to save on costs.

  • Outside caterers focus on food and service; they integrate commitment with well-trained employees to offer excellent food service. They meet and surpass your clients’ nutritional needs.

9 Benefits of Outsourcing to Your Nutrition Clinic

  1. Cost savings

Outsourcing can help your nutrition clinic save costs in thousands of dollars. It eliminates the benefits often paid to in-house employees such as monthly salaries, house allowances, medical cover, etc.

The reduction of food wastage also helps reduce costs. This ensures your clinic generates maximum profits, hence income.

The demand for nutrition services usually changes throughout the year. Therefore, you don’t experience a strain on your salary bill during such times. Outside caterers juggle staff around to meet their changing demands.

The third-party company also buys things in bulk to help reduce costs; they get unbeatable prices. The company also handles the nutrition needs of other clinics, hence are in a position to buy things in bulk to save costs.

  1. Improves quality of care

Outsourcing nutritional care allows your clients to receive services from experts in the area. The external caterers focus on food services, hence improve quality care.

For instance, pro nutritionists ensure that each client’s diet needs are met. Clients who need dietary supplements such as Pruvit ketones have their unique needs satisfied with absolutely perfect diet solutions.

What’s more, you get the time to focus on other important aspects of your business for increased productivity.

  1. Gives access to knowledge and expertise

Outsourcing allows your nutritional clinic to work with nutritional experts with great knowledge in the health area. Therefore, you can easily access the right information and knowledge from nutritional experts. The same applies to your clients.

  1. Reduced overhead expenses

When you let an external team of nutritionists take charge of your clients’ needs for healthy meals, you also delegate related overhead expenses to them.

Therefore, your clinic will experience reduced overhead expenses. This, in turn, saves on costs.

  1. Access to a larger pool of talent/better staffing

Crowdsourcing companies that focus on nutrition have employees who’re well-trained and experienced in the field. They have a team of employees with knowledge and expertise in different areas of nutrition.

This gives you access to a larger talent pool without hiring in-house workers. It also improves your staffing without the overhead expenses that come with in-house staffing.

  1. Allows for conserving or redirecting of resources

You’ll be able to redirect your clinical resources, including employees, equipment, and money, to other important aspects of operating your business. This can help improve the productivity of your nutrition clinic.

  1. Supports efficient use of resources

With your clients’ nutrition needs under a third party, you can efficiently use your existing resources to reduce expenses. You can use your capital, labor, and technology, among other resources, efficiently. This maximizes your efforts but reduces costs for increased outcomes.

  1. Removes the need for paid time off/benefits

When you outsource your nutrition services, you also eliminate the need to pay time off and benefits for employees in charge of that area. The crowdsourcing company is responsible for making those payments to its employees.

The outside caterer is responsible for paying wage overtime, salaries, medical aids, and pensions of all his staff. This also reduces your overhead expenses and thus saves on costs.

  1. Change catalyst

Using the services of a third party also drives change in your clinic. It changes how your clinic operates and how it offers nutritional services.

If you’re a small nutrition clinic, you’re bound to benefit immensely from using crowdsourcing companies. You’ll reduce your overhead expenses and save on costs.



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